If you want to be a successful sales professional, you need to master the art of failing well. There is an old saying that if you fail to plan, then you’ve planned to fail. That may be true, but don’t let it make you out to be an indecisive lousy mess when you’re in the arena of selling.

A salesman’s primary goal is to get their message across to the buying public in the proper ways. It is all well and good to know what a solution is, but without an understanding of the buyer, they’ll go into a process with no way to know what you’re up to. The best selling strategies are those that go by the smallest of margins without losing the greatest profit.

Take an instance where a customer faints on the receiving end of your sales pitch. If you can anticipate such events and do your preparation, you will have greater confidence as the salesperson in front of the person. You’ll be well aware of exactly what is happening as the client walks out of the store. It may be your job to play “chicken” with the customer so they don’t leave the store, or it may be your job to call them back as the customer collapses.

A customer’s hand shaking may be the most critical thing for you to be aware of in a sales call. This is where you keep the calm and collect their shaking hands so they can’t follow up the product information by asking a follow up question about the sale.

Many a sales pitch has come to a halt because of a customer passing out, fainting, or even just having a coughing fit. Be prepared, if something like this happens, you have to be aware of the steps you should take. At that moment, that sales rep has lost control over a situation. As a sales professional, you have to bring your professionalism back into play.

Being prepared is a great thing to do when the first sale takes place. In these situations, you have to be aware of your instincts as a salesperson and be ready to act fast if there is a reason to be out of the room for that part of the call.

A fainting case can be prevented by doing a quick assessment of the situation. The sales rep needs to talk the customer through the experience and prepare them with the necessary info on what to do in a fall. The actual fainting isn’t necessarily the end of the sales presentation. The best sales representatives carry a kit to capture their client’s attention until the fainting problem is resolved.

They have an emergency kit available for such cases, which includes ointments and bandages to stabilize the client during a fainting episode. It’s important to also have a phone in your kit for both emergency and scheduled calls, so you can reach your clients’ contacts immediately. There is a separate kit to also keep for daily use, and this should contain items such as water, soft drinks, energy bars, snacks, lip balm, and/or wipes.

On the other hand, a fainting fit can turn into something serious if the client does not receive any treatment at all. Don’t wait to try to stop a fainting episode when you’re attempting to sell a particular piece of software or merchandise. It may be the best choice to have a doctor present on the call for immediate medical assistance.

While talking to the customer on the phone, the customer needs to remember what is going on. They must understand what happened and why they fainted. They may find that there was an underlying problem and need to address that problem before they can move on to sell the product or service.

Fainting is a serious problem for a lot of people. When it happens, it may be difficult to explain what the problem is. There is a lot of noise and confusion when you experience this kind of episode. It’s very easy to get sidetracked by the next important call.

Make sure that you focus on one of the customers and let them know that you understand how they are feeling and you will help them move past it. and get back to your sales pitch and business. Once the customer is back on the phone, the sales rep can resume talking to the customer in a timely manner.


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